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Agitators / dynamic mixers with submersed motors


For homogenisation, suspension, horizontal flow generation and other mixing and flushing duties in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, industrial processing, marine, mud mixing, agriculture and many others.

The robust design guarantees long-life trouble-free operation even under most demanding conditions. The hydraulically optimized design of all propellers, transmission and motor drive results in outstanding efficiencies and excellent mixing performance with minimum flow losses. A solid, flexible and easy handling installation system allows an optimum and individual positioning of the mixer combined with easy installation and maintenance.

Agitators / dynamic mixers with dry mounted motors


VNF Series

VSM Series

VWM Series

VPM Series

Working principle of dynamic mixers

ver-mix-workprinc-po5.gif ver-mix-workprinc-po3.gif ver-mix-workprinc-po2.gif ver-mix-workprinc-po.gif

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