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Super U Series

Gorman-Rupp Super-U Series® pumps are among the most efficient self-priming, solids handling pumps available. Their unique hydraulic design and smooth wall volute casing minimize friction loss and drag. The multi-vane, open impeller is designed for high efficiency operation yet can still handle limited solids. The pumps not only deliver high efficiencies (up to 75%), they also perform efficiently across a broad operating range. Varying machine loads that cause pumps to operate right or left of its best efficiency point will affect operating efficiency by only a small percentage. These pumps offer the same reliability and performance as the U-Series with additional features.


Size 80 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm
Max Capacity (Q) 95 lps
Max Head (H) 63 m
Max Solids (mm) 32 mm
Materials of Construction Cast Iron, CD4MCu, Stainless Steel
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