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API standard Pumps

Many of our pumps are distinctively designed to comply with API's (American Petroleum Institue) most strict specifications. They are complemented with our qualified engineers that have far-reaching experience in the oil industry. Together with our know-how and years of experience in the industry, the Turoteknikk team can provide solutions for the most demanding oil project specifications.


Please click on any of our API certified pumps for more details:

API610 OH2 Horizontal Pumps

API610 BB2 TDSP Series

API610 BB2 TSTP Series

API610 VS3 and VS6 Can Pumps (TVCP Series)

API674 High Pressure Reciprocating Pumps

API675 Diaphragm metering Pumps

API676 Progressive Cavity Pumps

API676 Gear Pumps

API681 Vacuum Pumps

API685 Magnetic Drive Process Pumps

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