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Gruve og tunellindustri

Moineau™ progressive cavity pumps

Abrasiveness is the first challenge in the mineral industry. Downtime caused by equipment failure can bring an entire quarry or production facility to a halt. Consequently, robustness, ease of maintenance and spare part delivery times are of the utmost importance.

Ecomoineau™ M progressing cavity pump

The first eco-designed progressing cavity pump.
PCM Ecomoineau™ M is the most compact progressing cavity pump (PCP) available on the market today. Its revolutionary design combines the legendary performance and reliability of PCM PCP technology with a highly modular, eco-friendly design.

GCA-GVA-GBB cake pumps

Gavo series: cake pumps for concentrated and dehydrated sludges that offer all the advantages of the progressing cavity pumps technology: easy maintenance, respect of products, non pulsating constant flow rate.

The Limeskid is the ideal system for the dosing, metering and injection of lime milk.

The Limeskid is designed to be the perfect piece of lime dosing equipment: it is easy to maintain, offers a cost saving alternative to tedious on-site installations and ensures high-quality and safe operations. In addition, this metering skid is mounted on a secure frame and features a variety of options.

Top features include:


The unit is mounted on a frame, with:

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