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Hygieniske pumper for matindustrien

Moineau™ progressive cavity pumps

Pulsation-free and offering very low shear operations, our Moineau™ pumps are ideal for tasks that require a steady flow regardless of product viscosity or pressure. They can operate at higher pressure than other positive displacement pumps and can be cleaned in place (CIP).

HyCare™ sanitary progressive cavity pumps

PCM HyCare™ is the world's gentlest, most hygienic food grade pump. It's been especially designed for food applications, featuring a patented body design developed using advanced computational fluid dynamics. This progressing cavity pump will treat your ingredients, food safety requirements and budget with the care and respect they deserve.

Ecomoineau™C progressive cavity pumps

The EcoMoineau™ C is the shortest stainless steel Progressing Cavity Pump in the market. This new Eco designed and compact pump is dedicated for food markets

Compactfood grade progressive cavity pumps

As one of most compact progressing cavity pumps available today, the PCM Compact pump can handle a wide range of fluids with varying viscosities and solids. It provides good suction lift and can tolerate run dry. It offers low Life Cycle Cost, thanks to simple design, cost-efficient maintenance and reduced weight. The pump can be rapidly dismantled for Cleaning Out of Place (COP) in food applications.

IVA/LVA/GVA hopper progressive cavity pumps

The growing demand for more concentrated and sophisticated products often implies an increase in the viscosity of the products being transferred. If your product is viscous, pasty, sticky, greasy, thick, or concentrated, PCM provides an appropriate solution for each type of rheology through its range of force feeding progressing cavity pumps - IVA-LVA-GVA Series.

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