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Moineau™ progressive cavity pumps

Product compatibility and versatility are what the chemical industry looks for in pumps. Manufacturers of specialty chemicals in particular, require pumps capable of handling fluids with fragile composition and complex rheology. That's where PCM, one of the world's leading chemical pumps manufacturers, comes in.

Ecomoineau™ M progressing cavity pump

The first eco-designed progressing cavity pump.
PCM Ecomoineau™ M is the most compact progressing cavity pump (PCP) available on the market today. Its revolutionary design combines the legendary performance and reliability of PCM PCP technology with a highly modular, eco-friendly design.

Ecomoineau™ C small progressing cavity pump

A concentration of technology !
The shortest stainless-steel Progressing Cavity Pump on the market and the smart choice for a wide range of applications and industries (chemicals, minerals, paper, ...)

GCA-GVA-GBB cake pumps

Gavo series: cake pumps for concentrated and dehydrated sludges that offer all the advantages of the progressing cavity pumps technology: easy maintenance, respect of products, non pulsating constant flow rate.

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