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Our rotary vacuum pumps are cool running, quiet, and highly efficient.

Providing vacuum to 29.9 in.Hg (0.4 Torr), our compact, direct-drive, oil-flooded pumps operate on a semi-synthetic oil and offer gas ballast as an option. Our multi-stage oil separation system is 99.9+% efficient.

If you want reliability and durability combined with industry-leading performance, you want a Becker rotary vacuum pump. Contact your local Becker dealer now for help with selecting the best pump to fulfill your requirements.


Model CFM
Open Flow
Max. Vac. HP/kW
O 5.4 2.8 2.25 Torr 0.2/.15
O 5.6 4.4 1.5 Torr 0.5/.37
O 5.8 5.7 1.5 Torr 0.6/.45


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