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Moineau™ progressive cavity pumps

In terms of productivity, the paper industry is one of the most demanding sectors. The majority of production facilities operate non-stop, and any downtime can be costly. Additionally, paper plants use vast quantities of water, which must be managed and treated in accordance with strict regulations. That's why PCM produce hard-wearing paper and pulp pumps - the ideal choice for smooth productivity.

Ecomoineau™ M progressing cavity pump

The first eco-designed progressing cavity pump.
PCM Ecomoineau™ M is the most compact progressing cavity pump (PCP) available on the market today. Its revolutionary design combines the legendary performance and reliability of PCM PCP technology with a highly modular, eco-friendly design.

Ecomoineau™ C small progressing cavity pump

A concentration of technology !
The shortest stainless-steel Progressing Cavity Pump on the market and the smart choice for a wide range of applications and industries (chemicals, minerals, paper, ...)

GCA-GVA-GBB cake pumps

Gavo series: cake pumps for concentrated and dehydrated sludges that offer all the advantages of the progressing cavity pumps technology: easy maintenance, respect of products, non pulsating constant flow rate.

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